Kenta Press is a media group related to alternative music from all around the world, managed by Venezuelan music reviewer and interviewer Kenta, he has been working with alternative musicians the last two years, starting his first project ‘Metal Chronicles’ on December 2012, Metal Chronicles is completly ran in Spanish; Kenta Press will be completly ran in English and brandly produced by Kenta itself. Kenta Press is also an agency for musicians around the world, he promotes anykind of quality music. Kenta Press and Metal Chronicles, both support and promote the already stablished bands and musicians at a comercial level, but also promote upcoming indie bands and musicians, the point is, being an open window for everyone to promote their art. Kenta’s first project ‘Metal Chronicles’ reached 20 thousand visits from people all around the world, including many English-talking countries, that’s why he started Kenta Press in an international level.

Kenta, along with MC staff (in Venezuela and Uruguay) has interviewed many important musicians from important bands like Therion, Epica, Tarja Turunen… Along with other up-coming artist, has also managed important exclusive info like previous unofficial announces (tours, releases). Kenta’s work has been characterized by being the first one into promoting western and asiatic bands, Kenta is very into the ‘Jrock’ (Japanese Rock, Metal, Dark Wave, Electronic) and ‘Visual Kei’ as he is into many communicational projects for the promotion of Japanese alternative music in Venezuela, America and Europe. That Means that, as MC does, this space will be to promote not only western musicians but also asiatic ones which are in fact developing a brand new era for Music in general.

The genres Kenta usually likes are Metal, rock, but also likes electronic, dark wave, pop and anything in quality music, so, everything can happen here, it’ll be fun. By the way, every interview/review made by Kenta will be published in this website in its English version, while the Spanish version will come out in the Metal Chronicles, for Latin readers.

Contact: kenta2.press@gmail.com
Twitter: @KentaPress



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