Latin-Rooted Franky Perez about his collaboration with Apocalyptica: ‘I’m the only singer featured on Shadowmaker’.

In the few months we’ve been working together I’ve learned that these guys dont make hasty decisions. Everything is well thought out. Knowing that makes me very proud and honor’ed to have been ask to be a part of Apo. As far as composing the album goes.. the songs were pretty much already written when I joined, but I was able to cowrite on a few and collaborate and add my two cents throughout the entire preproduction and recording process. The guys were very welcoming to my input and I theirs. There’s a lot of respect between us all.

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A new identity for Cello – Kenta reviews Max Lilja’s “Morphosis”.

Lilja’s second album is truly diverse, while Max tried out Electronic music on a cello on his first album, Morphosis evolves in a new selection of different genres approached on the cello, from rock and metal-like sounds, passing through trance and even classical, and pieces that might fit as a horror movie soundtrack. Max Lilja has rebuilt the identity of the cello and his own by creating a new selection of sounds inside only one cello.

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