Exclusive Interview with Jaded Star’s Maxi Nil from Greece.


I’ve been listening about this band once over and over the last months, it seems to be like they’ve gotten a lot of interest in the metal scene here in America and Europe. Singer Maxi Nil has a big historical in her career and it seems to be like now her time has finally come to show what she has to give in her brand new and own band Jaded Star, don’t take the eyes out of them because they’re fastly getting far! I had a conversation with Maxi and here are the results, thanks to Oriana from Jaded Star Venezuela!

Photos by Tim Tronckoe.

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Hi Maxi, thanks for accepting this interview, it’s a pleasure for me!

Hey! It’s a pleasure for me too!

1.-Your name has grown bigger and bigger the last years, you’ve supported bands like Amorphis, The Gathering and Tarja so far, how would you define the current point of your career and what’s what you’re looking for in the artistic side?

Yeah the list is getting bigger and bigger through the years! Right now I’m 100% focused on Jaded Star.This is and will be my band and I will fight for it till the end. We’ve already toured Europe twice with Moonspell and Xandria and can’t wait to hit the road again.

2.-In 2008 you joined Visions of Atlantis and remained there for 5 years, rumor has it that you sent an e-mail to Napalm Records asking if some of their bands were looking for a singer, is it true?

Our story with VoA started in 2006 or 2007 when Melissa left the band. VoA contacted me in myspace back then and asked me if I wanted to join the band. I was with my previous band Elysion back then and I refused their offer… haha… anyway a year later when I left Elysion I sent Napalm an email asking if there is any band looking for a singer and VoA were still looking for one and a week later I flew to Austria to meet them and play some shows.

3.-Was it hard to work with the Visions of Atlantis as most of the members were based in Austria?

No, not at all! Nowadays internet makes our lives very easy and also I was spending many months a year to Austria so it was all smooth.

4.-What was the reason of your departure in VoA?

Thomas Caser (the boss) wanted to take VoA musically back to their roots… more to the old Nightwish style and it was not my thing… plus the fact that they don’t want to tour that much anymore and I wanted to be on the road as much as possible, made both parties agree that the best thing was to follow separate ways.

5.-Now you have your own band called Jaded Star, this band’s sound is a little different to the sound of your previous bands, would you say that this is Maxi Nil’s particular style in music?

Jaded Star is what I’ve always been aiming for. I wanted to form a band with good people that I love and play the music that speaks to my heart. I feel so blessed that it happened!

6.-How did the idea of Jaded Star be born and what’s the meaning of the band’s name?

I love space and everything around it! I came up with the word Star and Kosta with the word Jaded. Jade is an ancient stone harder than steel and it has healing powers. We heal ourselves through our music and we want to do the same to the people listening to it.

7.-Which bands have influenced Jaded Star’s sound?

I’m not sure… I don’t think I have an answer for that…

8.-In 2015 Jaded Star had their debut album “Memories from the Future” released. When can we expect the second album to be released? Have you started writing songs?

Yes! We are already working on new songs and we plan to release our second album in mid 2017.

9.-Have you thought about bringing a female (or male) guest this time? You know a lot of nice singers from Eve’s Apple and else.

I have many ideas for this but still I haven’t made up my mind… you will know when I will know…

10.-Greece seems to be a distant country for us in America; can you tell me how the metal move there in your country?

Greece has a strong metal scene and it grows all the time. Bands like Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Firewind, Suicidal Angels and more are a good example of the Greek metal scene.

11.-Actually I see many metal bands coming from Greece nowdays, I recently Heard Enemy of Reality too. You feel that Greece is becoming an exporter of metal bands now?

I think that Greece has been exporting rock/metal bands for many decades. Aphrodite’s Child (Demis Roussos band) is a very good example back in the 70’s. Nowadays as I wrote above bands like Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Firewind etc hold the Greek flag proud for more than 20 years now.

12.-Jaded Star is getting much interest from Latin-American fans as we see that some fanclubs have been created in different countries of the region like Venezuela (my country). You see Jaded Star touring Latin-America in the future?

It would be a dream come true to tour Latin America. Since our drummer Raphael is half Brasilian I think a tour there is very possible!

I hope to see Jaded Star in Latin-America soon! Thank you very much Maxi, see you!

Same here! Nice talking to you! Stay true to yourself and to the ones you love!


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