The World State debut album “Traced Through Dust and Time” Reviewed (Rating 9/10).

The guys from Danish band The World State are very good friends of the Kenta Press & Agency house, I’ve followed this band from their early beginning and honestly I find them one of the most original rock music projects seen the last years. They have finally put out their debut album “Traced Through Dust and Time” in a very professional self-production, many years we had to wait to finally be able to listen to this, a whole adventure I must say is putting your audition sense into this weird experimental piece of art, I hope my simple words can illustrate somehow the feel this music produces!

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Check out my previous interview with Leifur Nielsen (bandleader) here.

Order The World State self-produced debut album “Traced Though Dust and Time” in bandcam. Album available on March 3rd.



Traced Through Dust and Time tracklist:
1.-Fading Leaves
2.-a Casttle for the Battles that I Fight
3.-The Strangest of Places
4.-Traced Through dust and Time
5.-From Oblivion
6.-Faith, Hope and the End of the World
8.-Everything Changes

We start the album with the Fading Leaves; an usual The World State-in-style introduction leads the beginning track fulfilled with mystery. Fading Leaves is a kind of intro with a length of almost 4 minutes; it’s half an intro and half a song itself, as a song, it is built on a repetitive scheme over a totally atmospheric instrumental performance with no guitars, no drums, just some keys and creepy vocals in the back which decorate Bina’s sublime voice on this opening track. Bina in fact shows a very different color of her voice and even tries lyrical singing at the end…. Yes, lyrical!

A Casttle for the Battles that I Fight is the second song the album but also the first promotional we got to hear some months ago. ACFTBTIF is a very obvious choice for a promotional song since it’s one of the catchiest songs in the album but also the once which delivers most of the innovational elements The World State has to deliver through their music. This version of the song is a little different to the single version already released, some guitar riffs were added and I must say this point really enhanced the whole.

The trip continues to The Strangest of Places… Must mention that one of the things that I enjoy of this band at most is the song titles and I love this one. It seems to be like Mr. Leifur and Co. got a little romantic for this one, but just a little… I though the accordion wasn’t a famous instrument in Europe and even lesser for a rock band right? Well, yes, The World State actually created this song mainly based on this instrument, that’s why I mean they got somehow romantic for this one. However… On this song we see the first performance of an usual element in The World State composition style: Melodic Duality.

Duality? Because as I said the accordion was the main character at the beginning of the song on the romantic sound, but right at the middle of the song itself, it evolves into a sarcastic melody which will be now dominated by constant and cyclic guitar riffs. It’s really a song with two different acts and characters. At the end the accordion gets back and makes the final appearance making this rock song become a kind of a classical tango song, weird right?

Andreas-Leifur - by Steffen T Nielsen

Traced Throught Dust and Time has some kind of power metal keyboards at the beginning, but also the guitar. At this song definitely the thing get more Metal-ish, I recall the Mr. Leifur (band leader and composer) said he likes soundtracks (Ennio Morrinone’s mainly) and else, but he is basically a metal guy from the beginning. On this sense this is not the heaviest song in the album but the guitar performance reveals the strong metal identity beneath The World State’s music.

From Oblivion we get a classical instrumental play with violins, piano, pipe organ and subtle vocalizations from Bina, who also gets some operatic ranges in this song in my opinion, I love this. Again we see the Duality element in this song. It evolves into a western cowboys movie soundtrack with mystery and suspense. Hard to describe.

photo by LARS HUR_TheWorldState

And we continue to see a performance of Faith, Hope and the End of the World, the second song we got to hear from a previous released session recording published in a video. I feel in love with this song from the first time. It’s so sad on Leifur vocals at the beginning but then so happy and enthusiastic on Bina’s voice then. The song is rockier than the previous ones somehow; the fast guitar progression puts a lot of excitement to it, definitely one of my favorite songs in the whole act. And here I come with the Melodic Duality again, there are two parts in the song too, the first one totally atmospheric (the Faith and the Hope performance), then the eccentric and heavy part (The End of the World itself).

This song is Epic, that’s the feeling it has on it, right from the title you will get for example the best guitar performance on the whole album in my opinion and a very catchy chorus that will stick in your mind.

Unlikely is an angry song, the drums are kind of heavy just like in “When the Blackening Shows” taken from their EP “Flier” (you must listen to it too). It’s a rocky and also sarcastic one.

I clearly remember that in one of my conversations with Mr. Leifur he told me that Everything Changes was the best song he had composed to the date, so I had a very particular expectation on this one, and I really liked it, I think I agree with Leifur on this one as the best in TWS music.

I must say it’s a rare song (like most of theirs lol), like in some of the previous ones, there are many differences within the song itself; it starts softly, so softly and even tribal. But, damn, then we have this brutal guitar riff that will totally destroy the smoothness present in the introduction of the song, this exact moment is the most metal-ish moment of the album, it’s just so great. Then both atmospheric and rock will live together on the outcome of the song and the album… Nostalgic piano and Bina’s voice will end it all with the most beautiful chorus, it’s just so sublime, soft, smooth, it’s the end… everything changes.

This eight-pieces album might seem a little short, but actually most of the songs lasts more than 6 minutes, a shown sign of the complexity on this strange music. The World State have created an album where a lot of different musical genres live together within; these atmospheres were never mixed before with rock/metal music and the result if just magnificent. While the debut EP “Flier” left us wanting more and more of the band, “Traced Through Dust and Time” leave us with a nice taste on the lips and opens the boundaries of rock music.

The self-production on this album has shown a clear sign that no classical musical recording tendencies were mixed to the music, just the weird idea of The World State is present in the different song schemes where melodic changes are a constant and the use of unusual instruments totally destroy what has been established in music to the date. Bina’s vocal performance has overcome what we previously heard on this band and shows she was the best choice.

Final Rating: 9/10.

Review by @KentaPress.


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