Let the Evil Rise! – Review of Amberian Dawn’s new album “Innuendo”.

After hearing many eager Amberian Dawn fans asking for some comments about the coming up album “Innuendo” i decided to go for a review of it, I hope my dearest Amberian Dawn fans enjoy it! At first listen i didn’t catch the album very well, but after listening to it many times and must say that Amberian Dawn is walking the right path and coming into a more epic music style, i am making some comments of every song, check it out!


Innuendo Tracklisting:

01. Fame & Gloria
02. Ladyhawk
03. Innuendo
04. The Court Of Mirror Hall
05. Angelique
06. Rise Of The Evil
07. Chamber Of Dreadful Dreams
08. Knock Knock Who’s There
09. Symphony Nr 1, Part 1 – The Witchcraft
10. Your Time – My Time

“Fame & gloria” the second single is a very powerful song with the usual structure of an Amberian Dawn song.

In “Ladyhawk” drums and bass play an important role, Capri shows new colors of her voice in this catchy song.

“Innuendo” the song that gives the title to the album. This one has a cinematographic start with orchestral intro, reminds of the “The Imperial March” from the Star Wars soundtrack.

“The Court of Mirror Hall” I consider this song one of the most brilliant compositions in the album, for me it’s a great song in the sense of making it a very catchy hymn without losing the basic elements of power metal.

“Angelique” is a song that will surprise a lot of people, it’s the most beautiful ballad Amberian Dawn could have written, and the atmosphere on it fits perfectly into a Disney movie soundtrack, very inspiring, so get ready for the most childhood dreams inspired song, I’ve heard that bandleader Tuomas likes Disney.

Despite being a ballad, it is one of the longest songs in the album, exactly five minutes, only “Symphony nr 1, part 1 – The Witchcraft” surpasses it. Amberian Dawn passed from making only short catchy songs to making longer and almost epic pieces in this album; you’ll discover it on one of the last songs.

“Rise of the Evil” is a perfect come back to the heavy sounds in the album after hearing that beautiful ballad, it is the most accessible song with a precious melody, just as the name of the song says it build in a catchy chorus that rises like the evil, fans and no fans will love this one right away with the first listen!

“Chamber of Dreadful Dreams” has one of the best guitar riffs in the album along it. Personally the almost-symphonic entrance before every chorus of the song is an unique touch. The sarcastic tone in Capri’s voice is appreciable, new notes are shown at the end of the song.

“Knock Knock Who’s there” is the happiest song in the album with a pop-metal atmosphere, a lot of backing vocals are used in the song.


And now we have “Symphony nr 1, part 1 – The Witchcraft” finally, this is the longest Amberian Dawn song, exactly 6 minutes, and also the most complex song of the band I would say, first of all this song breaks a little the structure of the usual formula used by Amberian Dawn in their songs. I don’t want to describe too much the sound itself because I want everyone to enjoy this one as much as I did hearing it for the first time, just to say that this song has a lot of melody changes along. Also Capri’s voice is very graceful in this song… The lyrical range note in her voice at the end of the song will leave you wanting more of it in Amberian Dawns new album, also I hope they continue making long songs, and even longer than this one because long songs are my favorites.


“Your time – My Time” is the ending song of the album; it has classical elements of old school power metal, with a beautiful choir of voices at the middle and a consecutive end.

Innuendo marks the evolution of the growing sound of Amberian Dawn, and will be released on 23rd of October through Napalm Records, pre-order the album here: http://shop.napalmrecords.com/amberian-dawn-innuendo-ltd-digipak.html and don’t forget to follow Amberian Dawn on Facebook and Twitter.


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