Introducing Japanese rock band “Stragraph” – Exclusive Interview.

It’s an honor for me to introduce this Japanese rock band “Stragraph”. They’ve been active since 2013. I had a conversation where they explaned the origin of the band and their sound.

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Hey guys, it’s a pleasure for me, lately a lot of nice bands are coming from Japan and i’m glad i am able to promote some.

Hello Kenta!! Nice to meet you. We are glad you like our music. Thank you!!

1.-What’s the origin of Stragraph?

Stragraph was founded as a rock band in Japan on June 2013.

The members are :

Vocal and Guitar: Ryo,

Guitar: Akira,

Bass; Kyohei,

Drum: Soushi.

Ryo and Akira have been active in the same band previously. Soushi and Ryo were classmates in the junior high school. Afterwards Kyohei joined us .

2.-What’s the meaning of the name of the band?

In fact , “Stragraph” has no meaning . It was a name at random.

3.-How has been the feedback to your music in and out of Japan so far?

Stragraph has been active mainly in the live houses from Japan.Our fans send us their excitement during every live performance.

4.-Which bands are the influences of Stragraph?

Each member of the band has been influenced by different artists and each of us has different favourite type of music. Therefore, combining our different music tastes it results something fun. It is fun to produce music like that in four.

5.-Have you been influenced by some Visual Kei band?

It didn’t influence us with anything in particular. However, we think that they have a powerful and stunning performance during their live concerts.

6.-Do you attend to some of their concerts?

No, we don’t.

7.-Are you guys working with some kind of label?

No, we are an independent band.

8.-Where can we find your music?

Speaking about music, I want to mention we released this year, in May the 2nd our Mini Album EP “DETERMINATION”. And our 1st Mini Album EP “Stragraph” was released on March 2014.

You can download the music from iTunes Store.

And, you can get the CD if you join our LIVE concert!!

9.-What sub-genre of rock music do you fit the Stragraph sound in?

Our music doesn’t belong to any particular sub-genre of the rock music. Our audience is the one to decide on it, because they are the ones listening to it.

10.-How would you describe the rock movement in Japan?

Japan has always been conscious of the worldwide music. Along with the trend of the times, there appeared many unique styles in the Japanese rock culture. It evolves or breaks down. It is a normal thing in rock music. It repeats. The Japanese rock movement is fast-growing. So, don’t miss it !!

11.-What are your plans for the future?

We wish to perform live in many festivals around the world!!

12.-Please send some words to your fans in Europe and America!!

Let’s feel together the excitement!! It’s Stragraph‘s call to the entire world!! I love you!!


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