Kenta Press & Agency announces official partnership with Tour in Hell.

We feel really glad and excited to announce our bussiness deal with Tour in Hell promoter from Brazil; Kenta Press & Agency is currently working in the promotion and booking issues for many artists from abroad, and to gain a wide spectrum we gather our efforts with Tour in Hell for Brazil and all Latinamerica!

We have worked together before in the making of many interviews (DEATHGAZE, HIZAKI), and they have showed us real profesionality through the time, that’s why we’re making it official. Tour in Hell is the favorite promoter entreprise by Japanese DJ Sisen and Australian GPK, and many more! TiH have also promoted the shows of huge bands like DEATHGAZE and soloist HIZAKI to happen at the end of this week.

Meaning this that we will be both working hard next year to bring new music to latinamerica, wait for it!

If you have a band and you wanna try booking in Brazil/Latinamerica write us at

Follow our new partners from Brazil in their official Facebook page and webpage:



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