Exclusive interview with the Japanese Master of Symphonic Metal: KAMIJO on his 20th Artist Anniversary.


No, not every day i get the chance to interview a Master… It is a great honor for me to finally present my very exclusive interview with the Japanese Master of Symphonic Metal: KAMIJO. This time i talk in first person because this is not a regular interview for me, it is very special since i am a KAMIJO fan too, that means that i took this chance to ask the questions that we, the fans really want to know, and not those cliche questions that most of formal medias do. There is a lot of work involved in this interview, it took more than a month since i asked for the permission until we finally got the answers translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese , Italian, French and other languagues. Please translate it into as much languages as possible and handle the link to me and i will be pleased to share it on my page, don’t forget to give credits to my page too. Please do not translate into a language if it has been already translated into it.

As i said there was a lot of work involved in this interview, that’s why first of all i wanna thank B7KLAN from France; Tour in Hell, who are promoting the show in Brazil, in fact, this interview is the result of a collaboration between Kenta Press & Agency and Tour in Hell; Thanks to the wonderful Sarah from Japan, who helped a lot translating, we really had some rough time translating some of the questions! This wouldn’t have been possible without your help Sarah. And last, thanks to the Master KAMIJO of course, for letting us go with him and ask him about the things the fans really want to know, now, just enjoy the interview!

Find many different language versions of the interview in Kenta Press & Agency.

Interview made by Kenta in collaboration with Tour in Hell, B7KLAN and Sarah.


1.-You’re arriving to your 20th Anniversary as an artist, and you have been in many different bands and projects, which one has been the most successful in your opinion?

Actually Versailles’ success was the biggest.

2.-Versailles was a hit inside Visual Kei, this band got to be important in the metal scene worldwide. Don’t you miss your times in Versailles beside the other members?

Even now I still receive help from them, so I don’t miss them. Please have faith that we will get back together some day.

3.-In the beginning of you solo career you recorded a music video with a legend in Visual Kei, Mana-Sama, have you talked with him about making a musical collaboration in the future?

Since it’s a solo project, there are a lot of people I want to collaborate with in the world.

4.-Now, more recently we saw Dutch lady Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation modeling some of your jewelry, could you please tell me specifically how was this collaboration possible and how did you get to meet Sharon?

One of my accessory designers was at another job and gave Sharon my CD “Symphony of the Vampire” along with an accessory when they met up with her.

5.-I know you’re a fan of Within Temptation, have you talked to Sharon about making a musical collaboration soon?

Since we have not met up in person we have no plans to do so, but one day I would liketo sing with her.

1723253_734339216645414_3053513755491967656_n 6.- Will you be keeping the same setlist from Europe for your shows in Latin America or will you change the setlist?

There are a lot of songs I want to sing, so the set list will change completely.

7.-Are you bringing any special stage setting for your shows in Latin America, like you did in Europe?

Of course! There will be some kind of special feature in the tour this time.

8.-What are you expecting of the show in Brazil? It’ll be loud!

I always remember everyone’s balloon surprise. This time I want to surprise everyone by the songs.

9.-Do you have memories for your performance in Caracas on 11/11/2011 with Versailles? I remember you said “We are Family” and we, the fans were really excited about that, do you remember it? Were that show and that crowd special for you?

I received so much excitement from everyone. Thank you. For me all lives are special. However it’s rare for me to say “We are Family”, so I think it was a really special day. When the tensions rose like that, it made it an amazing live.

10.-Why do Japanese artist love Latin American fans too much? Are we different to the fans from other places of the world?

That’s because its being transmitted that all the fans in Latin America sing with me, and have songs that they really like a lot. Thank you so much.

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