Exclusive interview with Sho from Japanese Metal Opera Band “Lacroix Despheres”.

keyvisual-L_FotorNot only Europe has actually produced nice Metal Opera bands, lately Japan is making the best symphonic metal products to export abroad as we’ve seen a lot of Japanese bands performing in Europe, Nort and South America. This time i got notice about Japanese band Lacroix Despheres lidered by its vocalist Sho, they have put out two conceptual albums that follows a history written by the band called “Dernier Paradis”. This band plays The Gothic Rock Opera with male and female vocals singing in a symphonic background, featuring a fluatist and a oboeist live, they’re also inside the anime-inspired excentric Visual Kei style.

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Lacroix2010memberHorizonSho-650x3251.-Your band Lacroix Despheres is very different to most of Visual Kei bands, because it pretends to be a live rock opera, how did it all begin in this project?

A Visual Kei band can stimulate both the eye and the ear. So can the opera and the musicals. I was brought up in the classic performing arts and the visual kei, and I thought that more interesting expression are possible by fusing them together, then I formed a Lacroix Despheres.

2.-Have you gotten professional education for signing opera?

I take vocal lesson since i was 15 years old. I studied the vocal technique and classical music with Italian classic songs. I love Tosti’s songs.

3.-I think your music is really cinematographic! How is the process of composition? Do you compose on your own or the other members help you?

In terms of music, it is connected to the story in our lyrics; the film music and our music have a common point. In addition, a lot of soundtrack often uses the technique of the classical music. Our music is affected by it too. Because our work is rock opera, it is also completed on the stage. But in order to realize it, I need to compose the music that can fit in the scenery of the story only by listening to the sound. Arrangements with the orchestra are done among it. The music of Lacroix Despheres is composed by me on the basis of the story that I made. After I finish composition and orchestration, I give the music sheet to the members, and they practice it. Guitar riffs and guitar solo part is mainly made by our guitarists Pegeot and Tenyu.

Watch how a Lacroix Despheres live show is in their official PV 天啓の瞳 LIVE PV (Tenkei no Hitomi):

4.-Once I found that you went to see Nightwish live in Japan, are they an influence for Lacroix Despheres?

Metal sound and orchestra sound is wonderfully fused in their music. The Orchestration by Pip Williams is particularly splendid. Many books about orchestration has been published, but most of those are written about the technique in case of the performance only for orchestras so I think that their music is one of the best teacher for the effective fusion of metal and orchestra.

5.-Recently you finished a crowd funding campaign to get the money to make your third album that will feature a live orchestra. Have you already started recording the third chapter of Dernier Paradis?

We are currently recording with the members. At the same time, I proceed to the composition of new songs.

0096.- The “Video Game Orchestra” from Boston is featured in this Project, are you moving to USA to record with them?

If the funds gathered by crowd funding would have been enough, I would have gone go to the United States for recording. But unfortunately we were not able to collect enough funds.

7.-How would you describe the music in this new album?

This new album is the final act of the rock opera “Dernier Paradis” that we have been following since our formation. The music will become more symphonic and magnificent. In our pasts albums, Mizuki played only 1 part of the flute, but she will also plays the piccolo, which is another kind of flute in addition to 2 parts of the flutes in this album. Satomi will also play the English Horn in addition to the oboe.

Prototype of Dernier Paradis 3

8.-This will be the first crowd funded album by a Visual Kei band, but also the first one done by a Japanese band and featuring an American Orchestra, how do you feel about that?

I think that the crowd funding is great for music. Since there is a strong relationship of trust between the Visual Kei bands and the fans, I think this is a particularly effective in musical activities. I want to make the orchestra recordings possible with an indie band by crowdfunding through this project for the first time ever.

9.-The funding was done in and out of Japan, in Japan was done through MotionGallery, how was the response in your country to this campaign?

Crowd funding has not been yet well known in Japan, but our fans participated in this project very favorably. They are looking forward to our new album and seem to feel the fun of the crowd funding.

10.-When can we expect the new album to be released?

We are planning to release a new album in late July. We will deliver it in June to funders of the our crowd funding. Please look forward to our new album!



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