Get to know everything about Nightwish’s early days with their first music teacher, Bulgarian Plamen Dimov.


What would be of the metal scene without an important band like Nightwish? coming all the way from Finland, the only country in the world where metal music is mainstream and shown up in the commercial media, and, where metal musicians are chasen away by paparazzis, the promised land fron any metal head; it seems to be a hard field to develope in this kind of music because of the competence, well, Nightwish has gained that and more, they are now between the best symphonyc metal bands of all time, also the most commercial. The Teacher of Music Plamen Dimov, Bulgarian-origin and currently living in Finland, he knows Nightwish very well, even before becoming Nightwish theirselves.

Mr Dimov was the first music teacher for Tuomas, Emppu, Jukka, Tarja and Sami, original members of the band (two of them are no longer with Nightwish, Tarja and Sami). Nobody, better than Plamen can give a Retrospective from the past of Nightwish, thoughts about the present and comments about the future, in the eve of the recent election of Floor Jansen (Ex-After Forever, ReVamp) as the new vocal. Plamen tells about Tuomas’ Family, Tarjas’ departure impact in Finland, and other important stuff. An historic read for every Nightwish fan! There is also nice info for music teachers (Interview made in October 2013).


1.-Lets begin with your origin, and also what’s your relation to Nightwish.

So, i am Plamen Dimov, i’m from Bulgaria but i’ve traveled Scandinavia and got married in Kitee, Finland in 1986, music teacher, and the first who saw the becoming Nigthwish. Of corse, I teached all members from the original band. I know all members since they were children. We played in bands, in the school in jazz, jazz-rock music. During many years i had very close relations with them.

2.-Being not finnish-born, which is your native language? And how do you manage to talk in Finland? Guess you do already speak Finnish, right?

In Finland if you don’t speack Finnish you can’t take anyjob, i am a teacher in music, so i have to talk that language perfectly… I can tell you, one of the most difficult language in the world.

3.-Yes, in fact it seems to be hard to learn, was it hard for you? Also, is it the native language of your children?

Yes, it’s Finnish but they can speak 4 languages, Finnish, English, Bulgarian, Swedish, even Russian.

4.-How and why did you know that your life was directioned to music?

 Since i was 5 years old i felt that.

5.-I have always wanted to ask this to a professional one: Do you consider that techniqly a person needs to start studying music from his/her childhood to be sucessufull in music?

 Nowdays no, i have discovered tallented young people at age of 13-15.

6.-In my case, i’m 19 years old, and i have never had the opportunity to get into music, but that’s part of the things i want to do in life, and i’ve learn that you just shouldn’t push things because everything happen in the moment it has to happen, then would you think it is already late for me to start?

 It’s not late, your should see what’s your line, playing, singing, composing.

7.-Where did you start you musical study and develope? And how did you end up in Finland?

Started at age of 5 in Bulgaria, finished at Academy of Fine Arts and Music in Plovdiv, and then i got married in Finland in 1986, so i made my life up there.


8.-What do you think you meaned for Nightwish members in the early years?

In early years, i was as teacher, friend, someone who gave strong support to the case where they were, music, studio, common life, everything…

9.-Which were the first signals of something high happening with these five guys and girl?

First signals came from Tuomas, young boy, living in his own world, poet, visionist, composer, i had very special relations with him. I felt ‘here is something huge’.


10.-What do you do now, Plamen?

I live with music, i have here in Kitee almost 20 cd project with young students, as Tuomas and others, check Kiteen Monttu facebook, and you’ll see.

11.-How do you consider that music can help kids in their learning process in nowdays?

It’s very different nowdays to teach music, i can say, difficult. The teacher have to be good player, singer, composer, mother and father… Everything.

12.-Could you give a little description of every member at that time?

Tarja… Born to sing.
Emppu… Brilliant guitarist, funny.
Jukka… Drum machine, very fast in every case.
Sami… Silent, tallented guy.
Tuomas… Creator, visionist, composer, soul of the group… The genius man.


13.-Untill now, latest Nightwish album ’Imaginaerum’ is the best of their career in order with the media, how do you think has been the evolution of the band until this album?

Imaginaerum is like an open book, you can read it again and again, and everytime you can see new things, new music, new happenings, you can listen to it again and again. They started as a symphonic metal group… Now they just play music, in a large one.

14.-Have you listened to Tarja’s stuff? What do you think about it?

Yes, I have listened to Tarja’s stuff, its a bit different as before, she needs very good composers along.

15.-Have you meet her after leaving Nightwish?

I have touch with the band, but I have not meet Tarja after, even she has been singing 5 times in Bulgaria, my homeland. I am giving some interviews about her in Bulgaria.

16.-When everything seemed to be going in perfection, unfortunately Anette got out of the band, did it take you as a surprise?  Maybe this happened in the moment everyone was accepting Anette as the singer, what’s your opinion of this fact?

Yes, but it belongs to that life. Anette was pregnant, she couldn’t end the concerts, that’s the reason.


17.-You already knew Floor before Nightwish? You think she fits in the Nightwish style and can make the work Tarja and Anette did?

 I knew Floor before as a singer, but later personally, she is the best choice for Nightwish, my opinion.


18.-How is Tuomas’ Family?

 Tuomas has a wonderful family, mother and father, sister and brother, and of course his girl, who he lives with.


19.-What’s been your participation in Nightwish music? And also which are your favorites pieces?

There are many songs, but Oceanborn album, where I play almost all violins, orchestras, it’s one of my favorites, Swanheart and also Scaretale, Slaying the Dreamer with the screamable middle part, many, many..

20.-What kind of music do you listen to in this moment?

 I am listening to many kinds of music, groove, funk, jazz, jazz-rock and metal too.

21.-Which is the song that describes Tuomas at his best?

The song who is almost Tuomas itself… Song of Myself…

22.-What do you think will be Nightwish future?

 Better than Ever.


23.-Do you approve Floor as new vocal?

If you ask, i would say yes.

24.-Nightwish has gained big awards, like EMMA which is like a GRAMMY in Finland, where will Nightwish be able to get?

 They will get someday more than Emma, they will be in Hollywood one day, I know.

25.-Has Nightwish excess any effect in your professional life?

Yes, has effect in my life as a teacher, it’s very easy to teach others, when you have the most sold band in Finnish music history, as yours students… So many people know me as… Plamen, the teacher of the band.

26.-Many people has said that Tarja and Anette’s departure has ben Tuomas’ fault. What do you say about that? How is Tuomas’ behavior and character?

This is very personal, it’s like a police question. Tuomas is a wonderfull person, all rumors has no ground. Even up to now no one has shown or said it exactly to the media, that he has done that or any… So, don’t believe in that.

27.-Nightwish has grown his sound through the years and the changes it brings, next take was making an acoustic album for the next release, as Tuomas said in many interviews. Do you think these plans will remain with Floor on vocals?

Tuomas makes songs regarding who is with him, he made songs for Tarja’s voice, after that, for Anette’s voice, now is Floor’s turn, he can make from every singer a star, he can…

28.-For you, which one hs been the best era of Nightwish?

Every solist is unique, Tarja with her brilliant voice, Anette with her pop sound, and Floor with her multitype way of singing.


29.-Nightwish seems to be mainstream in Finland, metal music is not mainstream in a lot of countries though, but in Finland it is,  this doesn’t happen in America, and there are a lot of myths here about Nightwish. Is it true that the day Tarja got out of the band all Finland got in shock, and the media was all over it and even politic figures gave their opinion about it? Tell me!

The mythology and Finnish History are one of the reasons for metal music here.

With Tarja was a shock, but the letter that the boys wrote to her was published in internet, so, everyone could read it, there was nothing wrong, the boys didn’t hide anything, just said the true.. So simple; by the way, whoever solist, standing with Tuomas and singing his songs can be a star, why people don’t see that? Before Anette, Nightwish gigs was sold in USA, even if no one knew who is the new singer in the band. This is a fact.

30.-I’ve heard that the media and paparazzi also chase Tuomas and in his privacity of his house even, is it true?

No, they try, but no.

31.-What is the project ‘Nightwish Days in Kitee’ about?

From June 5 till June 13, there are young people from all over the world, singers, painters, players, we meet in Kitte, Finland, where Nightwish was born and we play Nightwish songs and make conscerts, also we visit Nightwish’ museum. The other that dont play, they learn finnish and write about the happening.

32.-What do you think about Anette? Did you meet her?

Yes, several times, nice person, good musician.


33.-Do you think she will rise her solo career?

I don’t know that.

34.-You think Floor would fit in the style Tuomas is looking in the  next album?

I think so.

So, please give Tuomas this message when you meet him Mr Plamen: Last year we tried so hard to bring Nightwish to Venezuela with Imaginaerum tour, at the end another country took our date for the show, Nightwish has a lot of fans here, and we are really looking forward to see them playing here, it’s a dream for us, and we will never give up until we have Nightwish in Venezuela, please tell Tuomas that Venezuela exists! and its a beautiful land like eden, i know he will fall in love with our country as a lot of people has done in the past, there is no other country with the natural diversity we have! We want Nightwish to know the beauty of our country and our people! Also i want to invite YOU personally, you will be very welcome!

Ok, i will do that for you.



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